29 Apr

ASI senate supports community garden project

The sacred grounds of the Gabrielino-Tongva tribe have remained untouched on campus for years, but now the tribe is looking to bring new life to the land. The Associated Students Inc. Senate passed a resolution last Wednesday showing its support of building a community garden on Puvungna, a Native-American land that has been preserved on campus. “It’s as sacred as Mecca is to Islam, as Jerusalem is to other religious entities,” said Vincent Holguin, Gabrielino-Tongva Tribal Council member and senior engineering major. “For the Gabrielino-Tongva people, it’s where life originated on Earth.” – See more at: http://www.daily49er.com/news/2013/10/15/asi-senate-supports-community-garden-project/#sthash.c043FoTz.dpuf

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21 Apr

Charles Alvarez, Tribal Councilman

I am extremely proud of being a Native American Indian, part of the Gabrielino Tribe, and being a husband and a father. Throughout out my life, I have worked diligently at all tasks, to demonstrate that I am a hard worker and a proud person. Today I feel even prouder to be selected as your Councilman.

As a representative of our Tribe, I will continue to demonstrate our proud culture and healthy work ethic during tribal events, business affairs of the Tribe, and at cultural events where I will represent the Tribe to the public.

I have been involved in the business community for many years, I will bring a wealth of business and personal experience and information that will help the Tribe make wiser decisions.

One of my character qualities is a genuine desire to help people. Whether it’s for my family, a stranger, neighbor, or fellow Tribe member, my desire is to be an assistance in any way possible. As a representative of our Tribe, I will continue to promote understanding and appreciation of our culture, and to demonstrate the Tribe is full of proud and hard working people.

My desire is to bring all this together, to not only make better decisions for our Tribe, but to be a positive example and role model to our members and surrounding communities.

21 Apr

Strategic Partners


  • St. Monica Development Company, LLC [Senior Investor, Jonathan Stein, President]
  • Century Gabrielino Casino Development Company, LLC [Junior Investor, Various Institutional Investors]

Labor Agreements

  • Project Labor Agreement and Maintenance Agreement signed with CA State Building Trades Council and affiliated trades unions.
  • Currently in negotiations with UNITE HERE for “card checkoff election” agreement

Professional Partners

  • Analysis Group, economics consultants
  • Aprea Micheli and Associates
  • Bear Sterns
  • Crane Group, Washington
  • Field Communications
  • Gensler Architects
  • Quantum Government Relations

Memberships and Sponsors

  • Coca-Cola
  • Greater Los Angeles Afro-American Chamber of Commerce, member
  • Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, member
  • National Indian Gaming Assn. (NIGA)
  • Sara Lee
  • Tyson Food
  • US Food Service
  • Vienna Beef