Jonathan Stein


Jonathan is a well-respected trial lawyer in Los Angeles, CA. His website is His record in litigations in the past 18 years is 49 wins and 5 losses. For the past nine years Jonathan has been senior investor for the Tribe, not its lawyer, through a wholly-owned company, Century Gabrielino Casino Development Co., LLC. Other investors included John Hancock Insurance and several private equity funds. Jonathan is a member of the Board of Governors of the 4000-lawyer Beverly Hills Bar Association and chairs its 800-lawyer Litigation Section. He is a registered lobbyist in Sacramento, serving both the Tribe and BHBA.

“My work with the Tribe is a lot of fun, and an ideal way to give something back to the indigenous peoples of LA County. Given the Tribe’s unfortunate history of genocide, and my own family’s loss of 37 members in the Holocaust, we share a common bond.”

Jonathan was previously associated with Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, the third largest law firm in America in New York City; the Los Angeles office of Hughes, Hubbard & Reed, where ARCO was his main client; and the Los Angeles office of Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison. Jonathan, age 53, was a member of the United States Team for the Maccabiah Olympics in Israel in 2009, Captain of Masters Triathlon, and won a Gold Medal in the Team Cycling Time Trial.

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